1. Demonstrate the economic viability of a new cooperative model which implements renewable energies as an important additional source of income for its operations.

2. Reporting the impact of the project on the environmental problems identified and on the social-economic condition of the target audience.



 3. Generate savings in energy consumption and reduction of CO2 emissions by:
       - Generate savings of at least 20% on the cooperative’s electricity bill at the end of the project.
       - Generate savings of at least 50% on the participating farmers’ electricity bill for irrigation at the end of the project.
       - Demonstrate a 10% lower carbon footprint of the cooperative due  to the combined actions of the project


4. Reaching an audience of at least 500 professionals and 10.000 website visitors

For more information you can download the Final Technical Report. To find out more about the continuation of the actions you can check our After Life report.