Successful participation LIFE networking at Aquasef event in Madrid

By: Transfer LBC

Today, Sven Kallen of Transfer Consultancy, participated in a round table as part of the LIFE networking event of Aquasef at the Ministry of Industry in Madrid. Apart from the Aquasef project, in total 6 other LIFE projects had the opportunity to share their experiences and main results with the audience. With regard to both projects Coop2020 and Smart Fertirrigation that were presented by Transfer, the audience was especially interested in the attitude of farmers to accept renewable energies in their daily operations, as well as the irrigating with the liquids directly obtained from pig manure.

The discussion focused on the importance of offering end users a competitive solution and including them in the process from the start in order to become successful. Several representatives, such as those of LIFE Rewind and LIFE Integral Carbon have several elements in common with ours and expressed interest to visit our projects. From our side we will also visit these projects in the coming months.    

You can download the presentation of the day by clicking on this link.