Part of the work done by the LIFE+ COOP 2020 team is to create networks and collaboration links with other related European-funded projects so as to increase dissemination of results and raise awareness in the agricultural sector. Find a list of the projects we have worked with below.

Click on the hyperlinks to read about our collaborations and on the images to go to each project's own website.

ON Cultivos: Proyecto Singular y Estratégico para el desarrollo y evaluación de la viabilidad de la producción de energía en España a partir de la biomasa de cultivos energéticos


Grupo Agroenergética de la Uinversidad Politécnica de Madrid

LIFE OPERE: Experts panel on renewable energy


LIFE ReVaWaste: Gestión sostenible de un amplio espectro de residuos

Networking meeting at COPISO: LIFE Crops for Better Soil, LIFE Food Waste & LIFE Mix-Fertilizer


 SUCELLOG (IEE/13/638/SI2.675535) financed by the European Commission through the "Intelligent Energy" Programme


Networking day at AGRIPIR: e-Pasto project, LIFE+ FitoVid, LIFE Regen Farming & LIFE Seed Capital


                    LIFE BRIO (LIFE13 ENV /ES/000562): objective is to develop a new sustainable model for the management and recycling of end-of-life wind turbine rotor blades.



LIFE REWIND (LIFE13 ENV/ES/000280): Profitable small scale renewable energy systems in agrifood industry and rural areas: demonstration in the wine sector

LIFE Integral Carbon (LIFE13 ENV/ES/1251): Development and global enforcement of GHG capture photobioreactors in agroindustrial activities

LIFE Smart Fertirrigation (LIFE14 ENV/ES/000640): Integrated pig manure digestate processing for direct injection of organic liquid fertilizer into irrigation systems



LIFE Aquasef (LIFE13 ENV/ES/000420): an integrated innovation project which connects different actions to improve energetic and environmental sustainability in aquaculture.


LIFE SUSTAINHUTS (LIFE15 CCA/ES/000058) The project aims to modernize and optimize from the energy point of view nine mountain huts from four European countries (Spain, Italy, Romania and Slovenia), with the target of reducing their pollutant emissions.