The Cambrils Cooperative

The Cambrils Cooperative is located in the town of Cambrils (Tarragona) on the Costa Dorada. The typical Mediterranean climate and wind are a distinctive trait that gives us a microclimate, allowing agricultural activity throughout the entire year. Like other Mediterranean areas traditionally having crops such as olives, vines and the cereals, they have being gradually replaced, through the development of irrigation and agricultural modernization, predominantly by other crops such as dried fruit, fruit trees and orchard, with the exception of the olive tree which has remained as become the most important crop.

In this context, the Cambrils Cooperative was created in 1902 with the aim of serving its members and handling the supply. During all these years, the Cooperative extended its services and production possibilities. Some examples of the most prominent products are: the extra virgin olive oil that has won prestigious awards and accolades; the fruits and vegetables with the European quality certificates that allow them to be present in the international markets; and the agro-stores where the Cooperative offers local products of guaranteed quality directly to the final consumer.

The Cooperative kept improving its production possibilities and the quality of its products. An example are the new facilities located in the area "Revella" of Cambrils that occupy 12,000 m2 of constructed area and the cutting-edge technology used for production, classification and distribution of a wide variety of agricultural products of the different sections, as well as the commercial facilities for direct sales. The cooperative has is also up to date with quality control systems certificates. Nowadays, productions reach the 4.000 tons of olives and some 900.000 liters of extra virgin olive oil.

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